You possess something inside of you that not many have,
It’s a code of ethic, a way of being, you wear it like a badge.

It doesn’t have a color, an odor, or a shape,
It’s called Integrity, Loyalty…that’s the shit you can’t fake.

Trust me when I say the money comes and goes and so does fame,
But what’s left when spotlight fades, is hopefully the same.

It’s your values, your ethics, your mother f@#kin soul,
Not the money, not the fame, these things don’t make you whole.

The secret sauce you have is worth more than money to cash in,
It’s the fire in your belly, and it’s called real passion.

Not doing what you love, not following your dreams would be a crisis,
Because passion my friend…well Passion is priceless.

What people remember is your look in your eye and the shake of your hand,
That’s the real deal shit that makes up your brand.

– Brett Hoebel



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