Rise Above Bullying

Rise Above Bullying Talkback

Brett Hoebel’s Rise Above Bullying (RAB) Talkback takes an intimate approach to allowing kids and adults to discuss the emotional issues that exist with bullying in schools. Through one-on-one interaction, storytelling, and humor, Brett shares the core issues that may develop into bullying behavior and how to overcome them to create positive outcomes.

By addressing bullies, victims, and bystanders, Brett’s comprehensive discussion equips the entire school community to create an environment that is conducive to building healthy relationships, solving conflict, and supporting others’ differences. At the end of the session, your students, teachers, and staff will be better prepared to handle bullying situations with clearly defined tools that builds inner strength that can heal and empower.

“Brett Hoebel helped me in many ways. He told us that there is hope and you can get stronger. Bullying is not something that can be considered a joke. Mr. Hoebel said that we can put a stop to it. He gave me the courage to stand up to what’s right.”
– Adriana

The Mission

Brett’s (RAB) Talkback was created to help youth understand, deal with, and move past bullying experiences to live the lives they have envisioned. By sharing his story, and helping them share their own in a nurturing and supportive session, Brett can foster a sense of hope that anyone can rise above bullying and change their life for the better.

The Pain into Passion Prescription

The session is based on changing the culture at school to turn pain into passion through this anti-bullying prescription:

  • Bullying is not the issue, how you deal with it is.
  • Bullying is going to happen, so use the pain to find your passion and do what you love.
  • Passion builds the inner-strength and courage it takes to face bullying and deal with adversity.
  • By living your passion and having a voice, you change the environment for the better.
  • Share, support, and embrace passion in others to rise above bullying.

“Brett Hoebel has affected my life since he came to our school and talked to us. He inspired me to be myself. He taught me that we shouldn’t care what other people think. He shared about his childhood and said that being a by-stander is not good. I have to stand up for the victim and let an adult know.”
– Mia

Brett’s Bullying Story

As the founder of Hoebel Fitness and trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser season 11, Brett Hoebel is one of the most sought-after weight-loss, nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the country. However, Brett experienced bullying in his childhood because he grew up an adopted child who didn’t look like his parents, and was later known as the “fat kid who didn’t know he was fat.” Brett’s passion for fitness helped him cope with bullying and ultimately, after overcoming binge eating, led him to a successful life full of passion and purpose. He is committed to helping youth and adults build inner-strength to rise above bullying one school at a time. Incorporate the Pain into Passion Prescription at your school with Brett’s Rise Above Bullying Talkback. He is poised to keep the kids’ attention as he spreads his inspiring message during an informative session at your school.

More Testimonials

“Brett Hoebel affected me because he made me realize that there are many ways to stop and avoid bullying. He made me understand that I don’t need to change to be perfect.”
– Katherine

“I learned from Brett Hoebel that playing a sport can help you cope with Bullying. He inspired me to do what I want in life and not let anyone bring me down.”
– Matthew

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Hoebel Fitness is dedicated to inspiring mindful, healthy living through physical well-being, mental clarity and emotional empowerment. Founded by international fitness expert, Brett Hoebel, Hoebel Fitness has a body-mind approach that focuses on helping people activate, educate, and motivate themselves to live a more happy and fulfilled life.