As 2018 approaches, I am reflective of the many highs and lows this past year…everything from falling deeper in love with my lady to struggling with an ongoing injury. But if I focus on the positive, I can honestly say 2017 is ending on a high note. One of my greatest accomplishments has been taking an idea for a few teeshirts and turning that into a clothing line. I’ve always wanted to start my own line and after nine months, this dream and labor of love has been born. Last weekend, my girlfriend, our partner and I introduced Sweat with Soul – an inspirational athleisure line made of love, honored by sweat and born to evolve.
Our launch party was held at The Griffin Club in Los Angeles and we were joined by family, friends and fellow social media influencers who got to wear our teeshirts and hats, and practice a little acroyoga in the sun. Some of our guests were seasoned pros while others were completely out of their comfort zone and ‘flew’ for the first time. The best part was seeing all the smiles as everyone got to play as well as the compliments like “the shirts are so soft and comfy!” We were honored they liked the line and we hope you do too! Please visit our site: and lmk what you think! You are some of the first to see the line, so I am extending a special sale for the holidays: use code HOLIDAY20 to receive 20% off 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!