It’s3pm, you’ve already had 3 cups of coffee for the day…your stomach growls, your blood sugar is starting to plummet and now you’re feeling “hangry”. Or it’s after dinner and you’re in front of the TV catching up on Colbert and Captain Craving pays you a visit. Sound familiar? You look around and there’s nothing healthy to snack on. The cravings are too strong so you reach for something sweet, salty, crunchy…and processed. This is the moment you keep finding yourself in and you wonder why you haven’t reached your goals? It’s time to upgrade your snacks and fortify your fridge, office, and pantry with some fiber-packed, on the go foods, that will keep you full until your next meal. The following snacks are part of my Quick Clean Cooking Guide that will help you enjoy food without all the guilt and still get the results you work so hard for. All of these recipes are high in fiber which helps to keep you full, nutrient dense so your body doesn’t feel depleted, and great at curbing cravings…especially for the sweet, the salty and the crunchy (sounds like an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western lol).
Wasa PB&J?
The PB&J is one of the greatest All-American foods and this healthier make-over adds a Swedish twist with the Wasa cracker. My mom loved the Wasa cracker and had it in our pantry as a kid. But I didn’t start snacking on this nutrient dense and fiber rich food again until recently. It’s now my go-to cracker or when I want something crunchy. PB&J’s are definitely one of my food vices and since they can easily pack in 500+ calories, this healthier version is perfect to curb my craving!
Ingredients: (makes 2 open face sandwiches)
  1. Wasa Crackers (2 crackers)
  2. Sun Butter Sunflower Seed Butter (1 TBL)
  3. Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves (1 TBL)
  4. Navitas Naturals Hempseeds (2 tsp sprinkled on top)
Nutrition Facts:
    Cals        280
    Fat          11.5 grams
    Fiber       6 grams
    Protein   9.7 grams
    Sugar      14.5 grams
Muscle Building Hummus
Hummus is another slippery slope snack. Many traditional recipes call for an excess of olive oil and your so-called healthy snack just snack in 500+ calories in one appetizer! This healthier recipe ups the fiber and protein by adding quinoa and also lowers the oil and replaces it with the juice from the beans. The best part about this snack is the double dipping! I like breaking the Wasa cracker into smaller pieces, then dip it into the hummus and then into the quinoa…then into my belly!!
  1. Wasa Crackers (1 cracker spit into smaller pieces)
  2. Hummus (4 TBL) (boiled garbanzo beans + Majestic pickled garlic with cayenne + olive oil + sea salt + juiced lemons)
  3. Quinoa (2 TBL)
  4. Navitas Naturals Hempseeds (1 TBL)
Nutrition Facts:
    Cal         205
    Fat         3.5 grams
    Fiber      6.5 grams
    Protein  8 grams
    Sugar     1 gram
Nut-Free Trail Mix
I’m a huge fan of trail mix, but most trail mixes are heavy on the calories because of the nuts and high in sugar because of the dried fruit. This so-called “healthy” snack is one of the ones people over-eat and don’t realize how many calories they are taking in…but their waistline does. This nut-free trail mix was actually created by my girlfriend @LiberteChanKTLA5 because she is allergic to most nuts. Much lower in fat and higher in fiber and protein than most trail mixes, this is the perfect snack to take on a hike, road trip or to curb that sweet, salty and crunchy craving!
  1. Good Bean Dried Chickpeas (2 TBL)
  2. Seapoint Farms Dried Edamame (2 TBL)
  3. Navitas Naturals Coconut Hemp Pumpkin Seeds (1 TBL)
  4. Navitas Naturals Dried Goji Berries (1 TBL)
Nutrition Facts:
    Cals        280
    Fat          9 grams
    Fiber      11 grams
    Protein    17 grams
    Sugar     8 grams
Enjoy these healthy, high-fiber fit snacks from my Quick Clean Cooking Guide and let me know if you have any questions or if you tried them out!
Happy eating…without the guilt.