It’s #FitFam Friday! Today I’m giving a shout out to the one and only Barbara Glover! I’ve witnessed her transformation over the years and she has become the fit, confident and radiant woman I know today. Down 47 lbs and too many inches to count and STILL going! Rock on BARBARA!! Her transformation has been amazing, but most of all, it’s been from the inside out. I remember the first time I spoke to Barbara on our Skype call she had won from one of my 20 Minute Body Challenges. She was a little nervous, a little shy, but very appreciative for the time we shared. Since then, the struggles Barbara has gone through both in and out of the gym have tested her to the core. She’s has not had it easy, but she has NEVER given up. I truly admire the grit she brings to every workout and to her life. I have seen with my own eyes this woman’s complete inner and outer change. It’s been an honor to be a part of it, and to see the unconditional support she has given and received from her #HIITsquad #fitfam.

Watch her video here:


I always talk about finding Strength from Within and in her own words, “Don’t let age, life circumstance or people get in the way of where you see yourself. I was 15 lbs away from tipping the scales at 200. I’d see my reflection but I didn’t see me. Let YOU be the start of the change you see yourself at. And don’t let ANYTHING deter you from that goal. I believe in you ❤️”.

I wanted to share this poem that Barbara wrote about her fitness journey, because it really warms my heart and brings a smile to my face whenever I read it.


As I sit back and reflect of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come,
One thing is for sure and it’s that I’m not done.
My journey may have begun as a lonely stride
But the more I pushed forward the last thing I wanted to do was hide.
To share my story, the defeats and the successes
I never expected to be filled with so many blessings.
To have someone like you who took me in and said come with me I’ll show you where you can begin.
To teach me every step of the way, to eat, to excersise, to staying focused. You believed  in me and for that I love you the mostest!
In twenty short minutes, in twenty short days, you transformed my body in a miraculous way.
Thank you dear Brett for believing so much, that the power is within us and we must never give up!
My journey does not end for it will go on. But it is with you and forever I will stay strong!!


I always look forward to seeing posts from our #20MinuteBody community because every time they do that, they are inspiring others along the way. Today, Barbara stepped up and shared her story with the rest of us, and she inspires the people around her along the way.

All her hard work, sweat, and tears are captured in the glow of her face and that beautiful smile. Let’s show her some LOVE people…CONGRATS Barbara, you are amazing!

Are YOU next?!!

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