I know I’ve been telling you all to walk your talk to achieve physical well-being, mental clarity and emotional empowerment, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a positive experience I had last week walking the talk.  I was invited to not only support resource Natural Spring Watera new bottled water brand with naturally occurring electrolytes, for a clean, crisp taste – at its launch event in New York City, but also to walk the “blue carpet.” Of course, I took this into my own hands.


As you know, I am all about healthy living. resource aims to encourage a more healthful, natural lifestyle, so clearly, my decision to support the brand was easy. Plus, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day and during workouts, so resource is a natural fit to my lifestyle.

After the “blue carpet,” I enjoyed the launch celebration with some other key brand supporters (including the lovely women Alyssa Milano, Aida Mollenkamp and Bobbie Thomas) and embraced the resource atmosphere. The main performance was the perfect end to the night, featuring aerial choreography and acrobatic dance by the well-known theater company, AiRealistic. Check it out for yourself here.