Superfoods On-The-Go

Food… I’ve had a love-hate relationship with food ever since I was a kid. I was allergic to wheat and not allowed sugar as a hyperactive kid. That didn’t leave me with too many options because wheat and sugar were in almost every food product when I grew up. I’ve had to test many different food brands, products and recipes to find the foods and snacks that worked for me. The things that I try to balance when adding a food into my diet are: allergens, nutrients, taste and time. It needs to be low on allergens like gluten and dairy, high on nutrients like protein and fiber, high on taste, and easy to take on the go or prepare. These are 10 of my top superfood snacks I’m eating right now, but they always rotate depending on my training, new recipes and new products I’ve heard of. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and questions on these snacks in the comments below. as well as any snacks you like that are not listed here.

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1. Udi’s Gluten-Free Avocado Toast

I’m allergic to wheat, so finding a really good gluten-free bread has been a mission! Udi’s Whole Grain bread is the best because the texture is just like regular bread, even when you toast it. My other tip for making really good Avocado toast is to use organic, ripe avocados… it makes a big difference on the taste and texture which is what this snack is all about!


2. Jicama

This crunchy and crisp root veggie is packed with fiber and water to keep you feeling full and can help control your chip cravings! Serve with lime and chile for some kick, with other raw veggies and hummus, or in a salad to add a little crunch.


3. Roots Black Bean Hummus

Hummus can be boring but this black bean hummus is one of the tastiest hummus flavors I’ve found that will keep you coming back for more! Hummus is vegetarian and provides all the essential amino acids you need… and if you’re not a vegetable eater, try dipping it with raw carrots, broccoli, celery or cucumbers


4. Red Mill Overnight Oats

As easy as 1, 2, 3… add the oats to water or your favorite nut milk, add your favorite berries or nuts and seeds, then put in the fridge overnight. The next morning you have a nutrient dense snack or meal! I like to season the oats with cinnamon, vanilla extract or stevia for some sweetness!


5. SuperBerry Superfood Drink

There is no more valuable commodity than your time and this is the FASTEST meal replacement I’ve ever made… just pour SuperBerry with some almond milk or water and you have a complete meal. This is the KING of superfood drinks as it’s packed with nearly 30g of plant-based protein, 10g of fiber, as well as enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics and more!


6. Celery and Sun Butter

Take your nut butter up a notch with a seed butter from sunflower seeds. It’s got good fat, fiber and protein and just enough natural sugar to help curb your sweet tooth but keep you full.


7. Low-Sodium Turkey Lettuce Wrap

A great way to get substantial protein without all the calories or sodium. Romaine hearts or kale are a nutrient dense option to wrap the low sodium turkey slices with instead of bread.


8. Edamame

One of the best protein packed snacks to help curb your hunger and fill you up with fiber and are great served hot or cold with sea salt! Trader Joe’s carries a good portion size to go.


9. PB&J Rice Cakes

Let’s be honest… there’s really nothing better than PB & J. The issue is the calories and the processed bread! A healthier version is to use Lundberg’s organic brown rice cakes which have 80% less carbs than most breads and chopped fresh strawberries instead of jelly.


10. Quest PB&J Protein Bar

High in good quality whey protein and fiber, and low in sugar, this tasty bar is a great snack that will keep you feeling full for hours. I’ve tried many bars with my clients and Quest Bars are always a hit because of the nutritional value and more importantly, they taste great!

Tell me what snacks you are eating these days in the comments below! Happy snackin 😉

love & sweat,