Ready to recalibrate? Time to set yourself up for success this year by identifying what means the most to you.


Nice to meet you, 2016. Regardless of what happened in the last 12 months, it’s the next 12 that we are all excited about, isn’t it? After all, January 1 is the fresh start that we all want and need – a time for new opportunities, new ventures and new goals. When the calendar flips, we’re all race cars in the red, revving and ready to go.
But then what?


Of course, most people are going to start scribbling goals, which is one of my favorite and most recommended practices. But goals are meant to be chased, worked at, pursued, always with the thought in mind that nothing is impossible.


On the contrary, everything in life is within your reach but it’s not about free handouts or luck or being dealt a certain hand. It’s about facing your fears, hustling your ass off, and not giving up when things get rough. And trust me, they will. My 2015 was full of dramatic ups and downs. From injuries and breakups to family and finance, it was an intense year of learning new limits for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Sound familiar to any of you?


So what does this all mean for all you hard-charging goal-setters out there? I like the idea of theming your year – finding a single word that sums up your pursuits for 2016. For me, it comes down to a single word: faith.


Whether in religion, relationships, health or wealth, I witnessed in others and experienced for myself things that could not have manifested without deep faith. Faith – like what you eat and how you train – is a choice. Maybe the most significant choice one can possibly make. And it’s a difficult one at that, especially when life feels like it’s spinning out of your control. But having your faith tested is ultimately what makes you who you are. Tested faith is a strong faith. And a strong faith makes you a very powerful person in 2016. Pair it with your hustle and you’ll be unstoppable!


Everything in life is within your reach…have faith.


Happy New Year!


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