My mantra for 2017:
Set an intention. Put it in motion. Follow through with emotion.

As we usher in 2017, I reflect back on a memorable year of strength and struggle. I can’t imagine either one without the other. 2016 started with an injury that required surgery and took me out of training for months. The physical pain was hard, but the mental battle was tougher as I felt my body change without being able to workout. I was also single at the beginning of 2016 and had been for a while. Being injured and single was a recipe for loneliness which I hadn’t felt in a long time. I began to question whether I would find love again and whether my body would have the resilience it did before. I think we all question our faith and resolve at different times for different reasons.

I believe the universe CAN put the people and things in your life at the time you need them most, but don’t expect a handout. Things align in your life when you set an intention AND you align your actions and emotions with that consistently. I set an intention with my injury to learn whatever lesson I needed in order to return to training. I took action with my injury and decided to get surgery and followed up with dedication to my recovery. The process has taught me invaluable lessons on the limitations of my body and how vanity is a slippery slope. I now have a new approach to fitness, “Sweat With Soul.” This has opened the doors to a new community of people and mindset that focuses less on pounds and inches and more on effort and emotion. “Fit doesn’t have a size…it has a feeling.” You can connect with our group here: Sweat With Soul Group.


I will be leading a Workout Challenge for the month of January in this Group. Tune in for Facebook Live workouts of my SWEET 16 program. 16 minutes for 31 days of challenging HIIT workouts. Join the Challenge here: Sweat With Soul Group.

Jan 1 – 8 at 5pm PST
Jan 9 – 31 at 8am PST


I also set an intention to meet the woman and partner I knew was out there for me. I wanted to meet the old-fashioned way, face-to-face, and thought it would be fitness related, so I took action by holding off on online dating and followed through by aligning myself with different fitness activities. At the end of January, I got a call from my publicist to do a live workout demo at the LA Fit Expo with KTLA5 News at 6:00am. That was earlier than normal, but I was able to get a last minute team together, and said yes. The reporter that day was Liberté Chan. I remember catching each other’s eyes when we first met and have definitely found love again. 2016 may not have started as I had hoped, but it ended with more than I could have asked for.

Set an intention. Put it in motion. Follow through with emotion.

What intention are YOU setting for 2017? Let me know in the comments a below!


love & sweat,