I get asked a lot about why my program focuses on 20 minutes…what’s so special about that number?

20 minutes is the sweet spot from both a science and lifestyle perspective. From a lifestyle perspective, way more people I worked with over the years were able to fit the 20 minute workouts, recipes and mindset exercises into their very busy schedule. Many people liked the fact that they only had to wake up a 1/2 hour earlier in the morning to do a 20 minute workout and were not willing to get up a full hour earlier for longer workouts. That was a game changer because people actually did their workouts in the morning instead of skipping them and then never doing them at night when they were too tired. The 20 minute recipes allowed people that cooked regularly or were new to cooking to feel like kitchen and clean up time was not a chore. Nutrition is more than 50% of the Battle Of The Bulge so getting people to cook their meals is another game changer. The short mindset exercises made them less intimidating so people actually did their journaling or meditation when they knew it was a short commitment.

From a science perspective, current research shows that people’s attention span and ability to focus these days has declined and that 20 minutes is about the most amount of time for maximum focus. That’s one reason I made the workouts and mindset exercises short and sweet. Current research also shows that shorter High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts can yield more fat loss than longer, less intense training. These workouts are generally 30 minutes or less because the body cannot sustain that high of an effort for longer than that. Over the years I tested circuit-style workouts that were 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes long with 1 round or circuit being 5 minutes. These workouts ranged from 1-6 rounds of 4 or 5 exercises. Although the very short workouts (5, 10, 15 minutes), can yield great results, most people needed 5-10 minutes to feel warmed up, focused and ready to give 100%. These shorter workouts were over by the time people were ready to rock and roll. The longer workouts (25, 30 minutes) were over-kill for many people in that they didn’t need the extra 5-10 minutes (1-2 rounds) to get a “better” workout and it made their time at the gym longer than they wanted.

20 minutes was definitely a sweet spot for people for many reasons. I owe a lot to all the clients, family and friends that helped me test the workouts, recipes and mindset exercises over the years.

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