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Body Image Issues: Solving Them One Mirror at a Time

It’s one thing to want to look better naked, it’s another thing to be comfortable naked. It may seem as though the two are independent, but they are interrelated. The destination to looking better can only be reached by a bridge built with confidence that you can actually do it. That means being comfortable naked may have to come first. But when your looks don’t align with how you want to look, how do you get your mind to accept the change that you need to happen to look better? Researchers call it self-efficacy, I call it willpower. To do all that you have to do to get the body you want, you have to visualize yourself at your destination. So how do you get the willpower to win the weight loss battle? Get yourself A mirror. In fact, you need three. As you build the muscle of your willpower, reflect on your attitude, action, and accountability.
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Walk Your Talk

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Stress: Power Tools to Overcome It

There’s no shortage of so-called energy boosters available in a can or a cup. But when you need it most, no matter what the commercial says, a caffeine-filled drink won’t help you get through a tough day. When you feel sluggish, stressed out, or at your wit's end, you need power to get past the hard times with a positive outlook. Use these power tools to fix your stressful mess and get back to the best you-inside and out.
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Pay Your Dues

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Know Your Why

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‘Strength From Within’ Overseas Tour

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Going To Japan

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Walk Your Talk…the rest will follow

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Brett Hoebel: Welcome to My Blog

I want to say “Obrigado” or “Thank You” for joining me in my blog. This is a glimpse into my life and my journey as I grow as a person. I look forward to getting to laugh, sweat and learn together as I share my experiences, lessons and inspirations with you. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I get to hear from you as well...you inspire me to keep doing what I do!

Here we go 2013!

- Brett

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Brett Hoebel Workout: Squats

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