It’s one thing to want to look better naked…it’s another thing to actually be comfortable naked. If “looking better” is something you truly desire, the only way you can get there is to build the belief and confidence that you can actually change. That means being comfortable naked may have to come first. But when you don’t look the way you want to look, how do you get the confidence and feel comfortable with yourself? Psychologists call it self-efficacy…I call it Inner-Strength. To do everything it takes to get the body you want, you have to visualize yourself in your new body, believe in your new body, and create the Inner-Strength to go through the physical, mental and emotional challenges you will face. So how do you get the Inner-Strength to win the weight loss battle and feel better in your birthday suit? Get yourself A mirror. In fact, you need three. As you build the muscle of your Inner-Strength, reflect on your attitude, action, and accountability.

Attitude – Stop Beating Yourself Up

Do you sell yourself well? In an interview, you probably think long and hard about how you can convince an employer to give you a job you really want. You’ll have to use the same energy to convince yourself that you’re capable of doing what you set out to do. Speak highly of yourself and learn to take compliments. Proof of your ability to do this weight loss job is proven by consistent work experience, training, and meeting goals. When you feel negative thoughts about your body image bubbling up, speak to that negative thought like you would an interviewer. Explain to yourself how you can do better. Remind yourself of the steps you’ve taken to lose weight. Brag about how you’ve learned more about eating healthy and working out. Taking these steps will help you build that muscle of Inner-Strength. As you use positive thoughts to fight doubt, your attitude will improve and you’ll become more convinced of your ability to do what you set out to do. 

Action – Talk Is Cheap

As your attitude improves, so does your confidence. However your confidence will only last as long you take action. Talk is cheap…actions pay the bills. You can’t live off of the past too long. Every day you have to do something to build your confidence. If you feel out of control, you have to exercise control. That means facing your food and lifestyle demons head on. It’s not enough to become a gym recluse or hide behind a meal delivery plan. It’s about boldly making decisions in the presence of friends and family and in places you frequent to put your bad habits to shame. You have to proclaim your new lifestyle in words and in actions. To really own your new lifestyle and make it stick, you have to show yourself and others that you mean business…like a Boss.

Accountability – Better Than Dumbbells and Diets

The dumbbell and the diet do not get you in-shape…your accountability does. Working out and eating right are important, but if your actions do not create accountability, long lasting change will never happen. Why do so many studies point to keeping a journal as an important aspect of weight loss? The reason is accountability. No matter how much action you take, it won’t stick unless you track your progress. In addition to keeping a journal, you have to create a personal blueprint for progress and stick to it. That means planning meals, working out regularly, and tracking your weight loss, like measuring your inches lost. The Attitude-Action-Accountability relationship is a positive reinforcement cycle i.e., the right Attitude will yield consistent Actions, consistent actions create Accountability, and Accountability creates consistent Actions and a positive Attitude. As you lose weight, lose inches, and improve your fitness level and eating habits, you will be closer to the body you want to see in the mirror. And when you get it, the payoff will not just be the body you see, but the Attitude, Actions, and Accountability that got you there.

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