Has your workout lost some of its passion… have you lost some of your fire? You might be separating your body from your soul.

When it comes to fitness, if your routine is just about sets and reps, you can get lost in an emotionless routine and will find it harder to stay fit because you will just be sweating… but without passion. To make fitness a real part of your life, you need to make a connection that requires both your BODY and SOUL. Because if it connects with you emotionally and spiritually, you will do it with passion, you will do it more often, and it will change your life…every day.

Between family and work obligations, do you find it hard to see yourself as the individual you are? Has doing things out of duty turned your fitness routine into a “duty” leaving you exhausted instead of energized after a workout?

It’s time to make a deeper connection. I always say “getting fit is hard…staying fit is harder.” To stay fit, you have to have a real connection to what your body is doing or you won’t stick to it. It’s not enough to “just workout” if you want to make this a part of your life for the long haul. Today I want you to figure out what your soul is attracted to when it comes to fitness.

The type of connection and attraction I’m talking about is like falling in love…it will energize you, you will feel you’re a part of it, invested, and that the other person is to. That’s the kind of passion you can create for fitness: going beyond the workout to have an EXPERIENCE.

Beyond the Sweat

You can find exercise routines anywhere: from gyms, to the internet, to the best and worst personal trainer. And when you get fixed on doing the same sets and reps, it’s easy to lose the emotion and the experience. So how do you go beyond?

Movement. Music. Mantra.

When I integrate the right movement, music, and mantra, I have a spiritual experience. It frees from my problems, my stress, my pain. It’s my salvation…it’s my ‘medicine’. You can tell because my head will be bowed and my fist will be pumping.

The music hits me emotionally, I get goose bumps and my body has to move.

The movement gives me a physical outlet for the emotion pouring out of me and connects my body and my mind.

Then finally, the mantra or the message starts to echo inside of me…it inspires me, it gives me something to reach for, and brings clarity to why I am doing this.

I can feel the ascension begin and the connection between my body, mind and soul.

One of my passions is Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates fluid movements, beautiful music, and inspiring meanings and mantras. There is so much to capoeira beyond the martial art; the unforgettable people and mentors, the Portuguese language, the Brazilian culture, the musical instruments, the singing… capoeira goes beyond the sweat and feeds a part of my soul. Another passion of mine is spinning. The right music matched with the physical act of climbing, cruising, and everything in between, creates an energy in the room that hits me in my gut and makes me feel alive. These feelings create the mantras and messages I give to my students… and myself. It’s powerful and has changed my life.

You can’t get a fitness “experience” on a piece of paper. It’s about being vulnerable, digging deep, and investing your mind, body, and soul into what you’re doing. It’s the commitment that gives you more than you imagined. And the more you give, the more you get.

What’s your fitness PASSION? Let me know in the comments below.

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