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Fat or Fiction

These days braving your local coffee shop means answering a barrage of questions. Would you like 2%, whole milk or half and half? Yes. Whipped soymilk? Sure. One pump or two? Pump me. Eventually you may even escape with something trendy called a “skinny carmelcachino”—a cousin to coffee topped with foam and elegantly drizzled sauce.

Know Thy Enemy

Fat is indeed functional! It stores energy, transports essential vitamins, protects our organs and regulates those pesky hormones. It is necessary for milk production in nursing mothers and normal body development in children. Overconsumption of fat can also raise cholesterol levels, creating the fatty deposits in your blood vessels that are the precursor to heart attacks and death. Fat can be all nice one second, and a complete a**hole the next.

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Valentine’s Day L.O.V.E.

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Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Brett Hoebel Workout: Deadlift

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Brett Hoebel Workout: Lunge

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Brett Hoebel: My Story

There are three mantras that can sum up my childhood: that fat kid that didn’t know he was fat, walk your talk, and fitness from within. I grew up looking different than my family...

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